Agile and easy management is a work management software, with time tracking integrated
to the tasks and powerful deadline, cost and people performance reports.

Smart Time Tracking®

With the Smart Time Tracking®, automates the production of timesheets, with the least possible team effort. Just press the "Play" button on a task, and the system automatically counts the hours worked, skipping non working hours. It is the easiest way to get data and reports on the evolution of projects and the profitability of clients, among other valuable indicators for your company. * There are several Smart Time Tracking® configuration options.

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Using Dashboard, you can set up the metrics you need to keep track of your company's most important data points in real-time on just a single screen. Whether you're looking to track what's happening in your company from moment to moment, or just keep tabs on what a specific team is doing or has already done.'s business intelligence platform presents its data in a simple and straightforward way, helping you to make rapid, well-informed, strategic decisions. Choose from an array of metrics covering individual tasks, projects, and hours logged per user, task type, project or client - it's fully customizable.®.

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Know exactly the cost of each task and project and strategically manage the pricing of your services. Increase profitability, reduce costs and optimize the use of available resources. Within, it is still possible to set the value of each employee's work hour, to include extra costs, and to extract powerful budget control reports.

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The reports are a true BI for your teams. You will know what the bottlenecks are, what types of tasks (or clients) are most time consuming, what were the deliveries of a person or team in a given period, when new demands could be handled by a particular team, etc. These and other issues are answered through reports that are configurable by advanced filters, which can be exported in several formats. And do not worry: a trained team of consultants will always be on hand to answer your questions.

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When will the project be delivered? This is a complex question when your company or team serves multiple customers at the same time. is the only tool that offers a Predictive Burnup® chart, which represents the scope versus delivery over time, with advanced algorithms capable of projecting a real estimate of the future of the project. It takes into account the task types, work schedules, and priority queues of each involved in the project. It's the simplest and most powerful tool for project management today.

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The RR-Board® is an intelligent Kanban framework, and unlike others on the market, it uses powerful algorithms to predict deliverables for each task. In regular Kanbans, prioritization is a team responsibility. RR-Board® takes business reality into account: people are involved in multiple projects at the same time, and moving a card (task) apart of other projects priorities can mess up the schedule of all deliveries. The RR-Board® automates and brings intelligence to the process.

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Integrations and API

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Want to extend the capabilities of, integrating its benefits with other systems you already use in your company? No problem. provides * a state-of-the-art Restful API, with simple documentation and examples of how to apply the codes. In addition, for non-technical teams, can be integrated with more than 750 other applications in the cloud through Zapier, an easy-to-use tool.

* For Corporate and Enterprise Plan customers

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Apps Mobile

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Our smartphone apps have been developed with native Android and iOS technology and are constantly updated. You can use them on smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches. It's the simplest way to remotely distribute tasks, make comments, make decisions, approve tasks, or just check the status of that important project.

Project Templates

Automate repetitive processes through the project templates. You create tasks, assign them, specify the scope of what to do at each step, and when necessary, press a button to have all tasks distributed at once.

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Agile Principles

Agile Project Management, Agile Marketing, Agile at Scale ... are just titles. The important thing is the agile principles. Reduce unnecessary overhead, formalize demands, deliver on a continuous basis, centralize communication, promote transparency and self-management in teams and companies. was built on top of these pillars and wants to help your company think agile too. Count on our training and a team dedicated to the success of the implementation.

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These are just a few of's features to help you in your company's digital transformation. You also have a team of experts ready to support you in this process. Get your 14-day trial and join the most productive companies in the world.