How a professional task manager works

We simplify task and time management within your team and make it easier to keep track of talent. In other words, we help you make decisions faster and better.


Make your existing workflows official with a task manager

You create as many users as you wish, assign them to any number of teams and define the team members they can open tasks for and from whom they can receive tasks. This way, you keep the flow organized and free of duplicated management.


Open tasks and define priorities

Decide in what order tasks need to be accomplished, giving focus to what really matters. calculates delivery dates, helping you keep your team moving in the right direction.


Know what your team is working on

Through the TV Dashboard, you can monitor the status of each task, when it will be delivered, the workload of teams and their overall performance.


Know when projects will be delivered automatically

Each task is linked to a project, and you can have several projects running at the same time. Even if you reprioritize tasks daily, helps you know when they will be delivered.


Reduce email and enhance communication

Each task has its own timeline on which people exchange information. In, comments cannot be deleted, which encourages responsible decision making and preserves the intellectual capital of your company.


Don’t waste time searching for your documents

You will have plenty of room to store the files from your company. Furthermore, unlike other solutions available on the market, here, they are stored within tasks and projects. This means relevant documents are always just a click away and are never simply "lost" in endless folders created by users.


Easy time tracking and time management

Instead of making more work for your team by requiring them to manually track the hours they spend on projects, automatically counts the time spent on each task. Team members must simply indicate when they start working on a task, and the system "jumps" non-working hours, counting only what matters.


Discover your top performers

Each team member automatically receives a RR-Rating that summarizes their productivity. It takes into consideration a myriad of factors, such as number of tasks delivered, if they were delivered on time, if they were finished inside the estimated timeframe, if they had to be redone, etc. You have the ability to set the weight for each of the evaluation metrics.


Encourage system adoption using "badges" monitors a series of indicators that show user engagement with the system and rewards activity through virtual badges that are given to those who achieve the best scores. We call this the "gamification of the workplace." It is easy and fun.


Have management reports on hand

An ever-growing library of reports supplies you with the knowledge you need to drive business decisions. From detailed reports on progress per project and available resources by team to automatic employee timesheets, Gantt summaries, and company-wide comparisons, strives to provide you with clear data in real time.


Stay in sync wherever you go

Native iOS and Android applications. You can open tasks and manage your projects and teams even when you are offline.


People Analytics provides metrics that help you to measure your team's performance in order to increase their productivity.


Cost Control

Cost control for your clients, projects and tasks. Measure from the employee expenses to external suppliers. You can control the budget in amount of hours and also in cash expenditure.


Training and dedicated support portal

Help and training are always available through extensive videos, forums and online chat. Along with interactive tutorials inside the tool itself, aims to make management easier without adding complications.


Security is a priority

With, all communication is encrypted to keep your business private. With frequent backups of your data and highly reliable enterprise-grade servers, ensures the reliability and availability of the data you need for your business.